Monday, June 2, 2014

Dynamics of Color and Composition

Five Featured Artists from “Celebrate The Healing Power of Art” Exhibition 
Selected by Renée Phillips, Director of Manhattan Arts International

Carol Lukitsch, Still Point (Chakra 6), oil on hardboard, 30″ x 72″ (triptych)
Carol Lukitsch, James Campbell, Elizabeth Weber, Elliot Appel and Claudia Fisher create art that is visually compelling and dynamic. They approach composition and color in different ways which makes it extremely interesting to view them together.

They are among the 50 winners selected by Lilly Wei for the Manhattan Arts International “Celebrate The Healing Power of Art” 2014 juried exhibition.

Read about them on the Manhattan Arts Blog

Please also visit the Manhattan Arts International “Celebrate The Healing Power of Art” exhibition.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Profound Messages Conveyed by Four Different Artists

Featured Artists from “Celebrate The Healing Power of Art” Exhibition

Selected by Renée Phillips, Director of Manhattan Arts International

Karen Yee, Fight Like A Girl,
acrylic on canvas, 20″ x 16″
Four artists -- Karen Yee, Cindy Walton, Valerie Patterson, and Bren Sibilsky -- were selected among the 50 winners selected by Lilly Wei for the Manhattan Arts International “Celebrate The Healing Power of Art” 2014 juried exhibition.

They each communicate profound messages about the human experience in different mediums that include painting, drawing, encaustic and cold wax/mixed media. Their empathy for others emanates from their art.

Read an article about these four artists on the Manhattan Arts Internaitonal blog.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Four Artists from Celebrate The Healing Power of Art Juried Exhibition

The Manhattan Arts International “Celebrate The Healing Power of Art” 2014 juried exhibition was launched on May 17. Fifty artists from around the world were selected as winners by Lilly Wei, who is an arts writer for Art in America magazine, and independent curator. You may view this exhibition at

Art That Expresses Tranquility

Chinese watercolor by Darlene Kaplan
Four artists from this exhibition were selected to be featured on the Manhattan Arts International blog. They are Darlene Kaplan, Ober-Rae Starr Livingstone, Michael Amrose, and Katherine Kean.

Although their mediums, styles and professional backgrounds differ they each convey feelings of tranquility and inspiration.

Read about these artists on the Manhattan Arts International blog.

Friday, March 28, 2014

P.C. Turczyn Explains Her Healing Art

How My Healing Art Exploration Began
By P.C. Turczyn

All artwork is copyright protected by the artist. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist's permission.

Healing itself is a subject that fascinates me, both as a patient and as a practitioner. Being sensitive enough to feel vibrational nuance seems to come along with physical challenges that are best addressed by energy medicine, such as acupuncture or homeopathy. I have studied various healing modalities, including Reiki, both as a way to care for others and for myself.

"Re-attune With Life" demonstrates the healing of inflammation by replacing negative beliefs with positive ones.
Gouache on paper, 11.5" x 11.5".
On New Year’s Day, 2007, I had what felt like a creative breakthrough when the idea came to combine my artistic and healing endeavors into one practice. I began research by working with other artists and healers.

My client would state her intention for the healing process. After an incubation period, I would have a vision of how her energy would flow once her healing intention was actualized and I would do a painting of that vision. We would then get together for an activation ritual involving movement, sound, transformational exercises and a meditation with the painting done while practicing moving energy in the new way. The painting acted as a map or mirror of the corrected energy flow and could be used interactively for as far into the future as needed or desired.

"Infinite Life" explores the life force within and without; past, present and future.
Digital print from 24" x 24" gouache on paper original.
Working one on one was rewarding, but I asked myself, “How can my work benefit the greatest number of people?” and “How can (exactly) can visual art support the healing process?” It was clear that, in order to share the work widely, it had to be easily reproduced, both online and in print.

Building on themes I had previously explored, I began creating mandalas that both contain and convey the energy signatures of qualities essential to wellbeing: hope, health and compassion, among others. The circular, mandalic format represents integrity, interconnection and perfection. Because initial Evidence Based Design research indicates that nature motifs have the greatest benefit for hospital patients, I focus on images of flowers and other plants. Sacred Geometry overlays reveal the order and balance found in nature, a source of comfort and inspiration.

View from P.C. Turczyn's studio near Woodstock, NY. 
Then came testing of the efficacy of the artwork: The Reiki Digest sponsored a focus group of Reiki practitioners who worked with my Reiki mandala and then answered survey questions about their experience. 92% of respondents felt simply hanging the mandala in their treatment rooms would provide a supportive atmosphere. Most felt working with the mandala enhanced their practice and instilled a calm, peaceful feeling.

“Infinite Surrender” by P.C.Turczyn. Sold as museum quality prints in three sizes.
“Infinite Surrender” was presented at a sound healing retreat by Lisa Miles Jackson, RN, CHHC, CYT. A survey taken by the participants, who included physicians, healers and health counselors, revealed a unanimously positive response; all felt the mandala enhanced their meditation. In this and a subsequent survey, taken at the Omega Institute, participants reported reduced pain, increased relaxation and a sense of connection.

Visit P.C. Turczyn's website

Visit P.C. Turczyn's blog

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Aletta de Wal - Artist, Educator and Entrepreneur

Shared by Renée Phillips

Aletta de Wal is an author, artist advisor, and certified visual arts coach. If you are an artist you probably own her e-books and have taken her online programs and consultations. Through Artist Career Training (A.C.T.), she offers a full curriculum of programs teaching artists at all career stages how to make a better living making art with and without gallery representation, in any economy.

"Our mission is to help artists make a better living making art – and still have a life," she states. Since 1996, more than 4,000 artists have participated in the A.C.T. membership and mastermind programs. De Wal has worked with another 400 artists individually "to create career pathways suited to their available time, money and energy."

The multi-talented entrepreneur draws from a vast well of knowledge and experience that makes her an ideal person to guide artists. "I am equal parts artist, educator and entrepreneur, so I have direct experience of what you have to deal with to make it in the art world in any economy. "

Aletta de Wal Offers A Consultation Award in Manhattan Arts International "Celebrate The Healing Power of Art"

We are delighted that Aletta de Wal has offered to give an award to a deserving artist in the Manhattan Arts International "Celebrate The Healing Power of Art" 2014 juried competition. This special award  includes a 45-minute telephone consultation to an artist, "whose work is a way of supporting personal healing from a health condition or injury."

Healing through art is very important to de Wal who also contributed a chapter "Art Heals" for the book "Courageous Stories of Inspiration". It is about her own healing process after suffering from two strokes.

"Art Became Part of My Healing"

For Aletta de Wal art was not always her chosen career path. She explains, "My art crashed in 4th grade when I collided with a teacher who said I was drawing my favorite tree 'the wrong way.' It put my imagination on hold. After that, for many years, my only art was paint by numbers so I could be sure to 'get it right.'"

She tells us how she decided to do the 'sensible' thing. She focused on her education and built a successful career in banking where she was in charge of training for 30,00 employees worldwide.

"Then, just before I turned 40, I had two strokes. Instead of climbing the corporate ladder, my daily job was learning to walk and talk again."

De Wal emphasizes, "Art became part of my healing. As my creative talents returned, I resolved to make art the core of my life, instead of a sideline. During the day, I coached executives to be more creative. Nights and weekends, I made art, taught art workshops and sold my own art and the work of other artists."

She states, "I make art to step out of 'clock time'. My work is all about the patterns and relationships that I see in nature and the human experience. "

How does Aletta de Wal feel about her multi-faceted career now? She affirms, "I have NO DOUBT that I am now doing what I was meant to do -- helping artists turn their talents into a business that is sustainable and earns them a long term, healthy income."

Learn more about Aletta de Wal and Artist Career Training

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Book About Art and Healing

"Healing With The Arts" by Mary Rockwood, Lane, PhD and Michael Samuels, MD

As a reader of this blog, you are likely to be interested in the subject of the healing power of art. Whether you are an artist, healing practitioner, activist or advocate, an organization leader or a community member, or an individual in the pursuit of positive change we speak the same language. (Read What We Believe About The Healing Power of Art).

There is a book you may want to consider reading. The title is Healing With The Arts and I discovered it while visiting the website with the same name: On the website I found a plethora of art and healing information via its blog, gallery, community and much more.

The book Healing With The Arts provides a 12 week comprehensive and holistic program aimed at helping readers implement "a long-lasting methodology that directly applies to life and healing".

Simply stated, the authors Mary Rockwood Lane, PhD, and Michael Samuels, MD use the various arts disciplines -- that include visual arts, dance, writing, and music -- with spiritual practices and guided imagery to heal varying ailments to improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

I am in the process of reading the book and wanted to share this information with you without any further delay. Having been published in November, 2013, it is a relatively new book.

When I opened the book it the first page of the Introduction, I knew I was connecting to like-minded individuals when I read this truth: "The basic premise of using art to heal is simple: each of us has a inner artist and an inner healer."

The authors continue to explain: "The first goal of this twelve-week program is to help you marry your inner artist with your inner healer to change your body's physiology through the creative process, thereby optimizing healing and renewal."

The book delivers by offering a myriad of many proven step-by-step practices and exercises that have been successful in the medical community.

If you are already involved in the art and healing field it you may find some of the tips and suggestions that are familiar to your teachings. However, the 216 page book provides many additional inspirational and profound stories about individuals who have experienced healing transformation. I'm sure you will be pleased to discover many stories to relate to as well as new perspectives and insight.

About The Authors

Lane and Samuels are extremely well qualified as the book's authors. They are internationally known leaders in the Arts in Medicine movement.

As a professor, painter, and nurse, Dr. Lane experienced this form of healing firsthand as she painted herself out of a severe depression. She is currently Assistant Professor of Nursing at University of Florida where she teaches creativity and spirituality in healthcare.

Dr. Samuel is the founder and director of Arts as a Healing Force center devoted to artistic healing. He is the author of 19 books including bestsellers The Well Body Book and The Well Baby Book.

Tremendous Value

The book Healing With The Arts is available for only $14.40 and it offers tremendous value beyond the cost. You will want to take your time savoring each chapter, following the suggestions and guided imagery. You will want to cherish it and share it with your loved ones, friends, clients, and patients.

For more information about the book visit the publishing company Beyond Words Publishing

Also visit the Healing With The Arts website

You may also be interesting in learning about Manhattan Arts International's Celebrate The Healing Power of Art 2014 call for artists: 

Friday, August 23, 2013

"Reconciliation" Healing Art Piece Performed by Trinity Movement Choir

Don't Miss This Event!

"Reconciliation" danced in full mosaic makeup and costumes, 2012. Photo by John Morrell. Courtesy Sacred Dance Guild.

The Trinity Movement Choir will dance "Reconciliation", the piece it created for the 10th anniversary of 9/11. This event will take place at Trinity Church, Broadway at Wall Street, at 2:30 Sunday, September 15. There is no charge.

Trinity and its St. Paul's Chapel, just across from the 9/11 attack site, was the center of rescue operations after 9/11. St. Paul's walls are still covered with letters and artwork sent in response to the attack and prayers for Peace have been said there at noon every day since 9/11/2001. Trinity has offered counseling and healing arts events on the anniversary of the attack.

"Reconciliation" made its debut in 2011 at St. Paul's. Last year it was part of the opening concert for the conference of the International Sacred Dance Guild.

"Reconciliation" danced in full mosaic makeup and costumes, 2012. Photo by John Morrell. Courtesy Sacred Dance Guild.

About Marilyn Green, Artist and Director of Trinity Wall Street's Movement Choir

Marilyn Green is the Director of Trinity Wall Street's Movement Choir. She brings together more than 30 years of work in visual arts, music and dance to create moving art on universal themes. Green's degrees in music and art, her decades of dedication to sacred dance bring together oil paintings, masks, costumes and hypnotic movement to convey powerful emotion in ritual.

Under Green's direction the Movement Choir is made up of members from Alvin Ailey stars to people with little or no previous training, from all denominations and all age groups.

In August 2010, Green became director of Trinity Wall Street's Movement Choir, formed from a two-hour workshop that took wings. She explains, "The group is open to anyone, of any age, experience, religious affiliation and physical condition. Some members have been stars in major dance companies; some have just begun to dance. At the core of the group is a focus on movement as worship, a reclaiming of the community and tribal spiritual dance we have largely lost in our feeling that dedicated professionals alone can make beautiful dance."

According to Green the primary sources of inspiration in dance are Rudolf Laban, a friend of Pilates who advocated large groups of people of all kinds moving together in a choreographed fashion and leaving room for personal expression, a concept closely related to his personal spiritual beliefs; and Japanese Butoh.

From them she has taken a slow, dreamlike movement style that allows each person’s authentic, individual connection with Spirit to be felt.

Green states, "The inspiration for the group's mosaic makeup and costumes comes from the unforgettable Everyman Players’ Book of Job; other living masks and Venetian masks have been drawn from Pacific Northwest animal totems, African painted faces and masks and Native American ceremonial garb. But ultimately the Movement Choir is shaped by its members, their skills, spirituality and creative ideas."

We are also proud and honored that Marilyn Green is a member of the Manhattan Arts International Editorial and Advisory Team.

So, don't miss this extraordinary event at Trinity Church, Broadway at Wall Street, at 2:30 Sunday, September 15. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Children's Medical Center Provides Art for Healing

Bravo to Dell Children's Medical Center

It is so gratifying to discover positive changes in the healthcare industry. Hospitals and medical centers are integrating art as a healing modality in their spaces. Clinical, sterile and energy draining centers will one day be a distant memory.

Pierre Auguste Renoir,
A-Girl with a Watering Can

A shining example is Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas, a member of the Seton Healthcare Family. When you enter this center, you will not only see artwork and sculptures on the walls and reception areas, you will have exposure to a powerful healing experience.

Dell Children’s features a three-acre multi-level Healing Garden that contains a labyrinth, human sundial, reflecting pond and bridge. It also displays a huge amount of art from both local and global artists, which they declare as, "chosen more for the collection’s clinical healing power than for simple aesthetics."

You will find courtyards and gardens that represent each of the seven eco-systems, each corresponding to a distinct area of the 46-county Central Texas region that Dell Children’s serves.

Pierre Auguste Renoir, The Children Of Martial Caillebotte
Robert Bonar, President and CEO of Dell Children’s states, “Since ancient times, art has been used as part of the process of healing. By providing a nurturing setting — whether it’s a piece of artwork, a courtyard or other symbols — we’re able to use these surroundings to join young patients’ spirits, minds and health.”

Children's Medical Center Foundation of Central Texas serves as the fundraising arm for Dell Children's Medical Center. "We partner with families, individuals and organizations to support the hospital's mission to serve the sick and injured children in the Central Texas 46-county region."

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Art and Healing Programs That Will Inspire You

A few wonderful people who are making a positive difference...

These individuals and organizations are just a few of the many services that offer art therapy and resources to help heal and educate people on the subject. I encourage you to visit their websites to learn more about them. You can follow them all on Twitter and a few of them are on Facebook.

And, consider helping them by making a donation or offering your time and creativity!

ArtWorks ~ The Naomi Cohain Foundation
"Inspired by the life of Naomi Cohain" 

ArtWorks, located in Englewood, NJ, provides children and young adults suffering from chronic and life-threatening illnesses, and their siblings, access to creative and performing arts programs that encourage the use of the creative process as a vehicle for healing, communication, self-expression and personal development. This foundation seeks to empower, validate, and honor these children by offering them the hands-on experience and materials with which to create, as well as the opportunity to publicly share their artistic accomplishments.

One of their many extraordinary programs include a creative and performing art exhibition. This creates a unique, safe and supportive environment where children share their stories of strength, courage, hope, loss and survival through art, music, song, dance and poetry.

Also check out their Artist of the Month Section:

Paint The Stars Art Therapy, LLC (PTSAT)
"PTSAT was created to help all children reach the stars!"

Owner Robyn Schindler is an art therapist who has been working with children, adolescents and young adults for nearly a decade in schools, counseling programs and hospitals. She has her educational background in Mental Health Counseling as well as Clinical Art Therapy and has studied play and sand-tray therapy techniques.

Robyn Schindler started PTSAT, "with the goal of helping children feel better by getting in touch with their creative side." PTSAT's unique and creative approaches to psychotherapy allow families to receive the highest level of care for their children and young adults.

One of the services she provides at PTSAT is Art Therapy in which "children utilize creative energy to help express current conflicts, feelings and thoughts." Art Therapy includes various mediums to assist with those struggling with sensory issues.

Schindler serves clients in two locations: GenPsych in Brick, NJ as well as her private office in Manalapan, NJ.

Veterans Art Foundation (VAF) V.A.F.
"Healing Through Creativity"

This is a non profit art foundation, based in Connecticut, "for veterans, BY veterans (namely, those who served in either OIF, OEF, or Vietnam.)

"Our belief, and experience, has been that HEALING can and DOES come-- at least in part-- through other mediums than simply 'talking.' As such, working with a team of veterans, art therapists, and other careworkers/veteran advocates, we strive to open veterans-- particularly those with the "deep wounds" that only come out of the horrific experience called WAR-- to the world of creativity, wherein they can express pain and loss in an environment that is both liberating and SAFE to the veteran. "

International Art Therapy Conference
"Finding a voice, making your mark: Defining Art Therapy for the 21st century"

This international conference, April 8-11, 2013, Goldsmiths, London, UK, offers an ideal arena for those who have always wanted to know about art therapy. At the same time it will be a place where experienced art therapists from around the world can come together to explore our identity towards forging a renewed impact in education, social welfare and health services. You will have the opportunity to hear and talk with leaders in the field and to use art-making and discussion to explore conference themes.

The Art Room
"Learning and Achieving Through Art"

This is a charity aimed at 5 - 16 year olds who are experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties. There are currently five Art Rooms in schools in Oxford and London, offering art as therapy to increase children’s self-esteem, self-confidence and independence. The Director, Juli Beattie, set up The Art Room with a group of trustees in 2001. The project is delivered by a group of senior practitioners all of whom have considerable experience as teachers, artists, psychotherapists and are supported by volunteers. All are trained at the beginning of their contracts and undertake ongoing training.

Art Therapy
"Inspiring others to create."

This web site provides a wealth of information on the subject including "About Art Therapy", "Benefits of Art Therapy"; "What is Art Therapy?"; "Who Uses Art Therapy?"; "Resources"; and how to "Help Promote Art Therapy."

You'll also find an opportunity to share your experience, art work, stories, words or poetry with its readers. Ideas they suggest include: an experience you had with art therapy, images of artwork you’ve created through art therapy, a story or poem about art therapy. Read more:

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Telling The Truth About War Through Art

Skip Rohde's Faces of Afghanistan
By Renée Phillips

It is often a challenge to discern the difference between our allies and enemies, between fact and fiction, and especially to understand current events and cultures from remote parts of the globe.

Skip Rohde, “Abdul-Hakim”, pastel on tone paper 13” x 11”. Artwork is copyright protected by the artist. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist's permission.
Skip Rohde, an artist living in Mars Hill, North Carolina, who spent time in southern Afghanistan, strives to reveal the truth through his art. He states, “I want my work to help people understand, on a gut level, the true cost of war.”

After spending more than two decades as a Navy officer retired and decided to earn a degree in painting to become a full-time artist. Combining his naval background experience with his new passion, his artworks have focused on the results of war, with a particular emphasis on the people – veterans, families, and civilians.

While deployed with the State Department to one of the most turbulent districts in southern Afghanistan, Skip continued to sketch with pen, pencil, pastel or “whatever is handy,” during meetings, as well as on his own time.

He explains, “These are some of the most amazing faces I've ever seen - craggy, crafty, full of exotic ‘otherness’ but also showing the same range of emotions as anybody in America. I want people in the U.S. to see these Afghans as individual people, as I've seen them – not as stereotypes, victims, or insurgents, which is primarily how they're seen in the media.”

"Faces of Afghanistan" was an exhibition of Skip Rohde's 47 portraits that took place at at UNC-Asheville's S. Tucker Cooke Gallery, in 2012.

The artist not only carries his message through his art, he also educates others through public speaking. During his “Residue of Conflict” exhibition, based on the after-effects of combat, held at Mars Hill College's Weizenblatt Gallery, he presented an empowering and perhaps life-changing talk to the students and faculty.

View more of Skip Rohde's artwork at

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Reflecting the Vitality of the Human Spirit

John Paul Thornton ( is an artist, author, educator and world traveler who lives in Los Angeles, California. His pursuits are as much purpose-driven as they are personally rewarding. He has launched art projects from places as distant as the Tibetan refugee settlements in Nepal. He has staged powerful exhibitions in places that include the historic steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

In this book John Paul Thornton motivates readers to trust in their creative potential.

Thornton is also the author of "Art and Courage: Stories to Inspire The Artist-Warrior Within". In this book he motivates readers to trust in their creative potential even in the face of adversity. Everything he does serves his mission: “To reflect the vitality and strength of the human spirit.”

While teaching art to underprivileged children, he learned that one of his students was reported as “missing.” As a way to honor the families who have endured such a loss, John created a series of paintings depicting the faces of America’s missing children. Numbering in the hundreds, he has brought these missing children paintings to exhibitions in many public installations, most notably on the National Mall in front of the White House, and at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

Thornton has created art programs around the world. When the United Nations Foundation funded the “Girls United: Haiti Through Our Eyes” project, he was invited to present art workshops to groups of young women living in Port Au-Prince's tent cities. The program brought a team of artists and educators together to help inspire the Haitian participants to become thoughtful community leaders and bring hope to their lives.  

Visit John Paul Thornton's website at

Monday, December 31, 2012

Foundation for Photo / Art in Hospitals

Photographer Elaine Poggi Brings Healing Art Where it is Most Needed

Shown here is an installation of photographs in Don Gnocchi Rehabilitation Hospital.

We have all had the unfortunate experience at least once of visiting friends and loved ones in hospitals only to find them sitting in dreary rooms. Thanks to Elaine Poggi, a photographer from Florence, Italy, patients’ lives have significantly improved since she founded The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals.

She shares the guiding principle of the Foundation, “We believe that beautiful nature images can help heal the soul, which in turn helps heal the body.”

Photograph by Elaine Poggi. Artwork is copyright protected by the artist. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist's permission.

In 2002, after the loss of her mother, Elaine turned her personal tragedy into a worldwide campaign. Her non- profit, publicly-supported organization is dedicated to placing colorful, soothing photographs of nature in hospitals to give comfort and hope to patients and their families, visitors and caregivers.

The artist is well aware of the healing power of art and observes, “White, cold, sterile walls exemplify the traditional hospital setting, where stress, pain, fear and loneliness abound. Staring at these walls is boring and depressing. Studies show that nature art has a beneficial effect on relieving a patient’s stress and anxiety. The mood changes when our beautiful nature photos are placed on the walls, providing color, comfort, and hope to patients, caregivers, and loved ones.”

Photo dedication, at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center in Knoxville, TN, in honor of Christine Jones and Nancy Dennis.

The vision of the Foundation is, “To create a shift in the way people view hospitals, from cold and sterile to warm and welcoming. The photographs are intended to provide color and an atmosphere of compassion where healing is encouraged.”

During the past decade Elaine has placed over 3,000 of her own nature photos plus photos from contributing photographers in over 200 hospitals on six continents. Subjects range from tropical beaches to Japanese cherry blossoms to the Tuscan hills.

Photograph by Elaine Poggi. Artwork is copyright protected by the artist. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist's permission.

The foundation's Web site contains a display of art work and photographs taken inside hospitals in addition to letters of gratitude from numerous hospital staff members. They reveal how the art has transformed their spaces from sadness to peace, comfort, and positive aid in the recuperation process.

Elaine welcomes other photographers from around the world to participate in the program. Submission details are provided on the Web site.

The nonprofit Foundation seeks funding to cover printing, framing, and shipping expenses so that the cost to hospitals is minimal or none at all.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Art in A Box Helps Children

Benefit Holiday Art Exhibition and Online Art Sale for Children at Risk at Pelavin Gallery

Beautiful paintings, wall-mountable sculpture, drawings, prints and photographs by more than 135 contemporary artists! Each work of art is on sale for a recommended donation of $100 or more. All proceeds will benefit Art in a Box programs for children at risk

The Pelavin Gallery is located at 13 Jay Street, New York, NY. 212-925-9424

Pre-exhibition Online Sale
Online Sale Goes Live: Sunday, December 12, 2010 at 12:00:01 AM, EST. (That’s Saturday night, December 11, 2011 at one second after midnight). Online Sale Closes: Tuesday, December 14, 2010 at noon.

To view, reserve or purchase art online, visit

About Art in a Box
"Art in a Box works closely with non-profit organizations to build partnerships that help children and their families through art and education. Together we help people—often the least visible, most vulnerable, and poorest people—to find the dignity and beauty of their own self expression.

Art in a Box delivers art supplies and resources in a portable box to communities in need around the world. Each box contains art supplies to sustain an ongoing art program and can be utilized almost anywhere." And much more. 

Also of Interest: The Pajama Program
This is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that provides new, warm pajamas and new books to children in need in the United States, and around the world. For more information visit